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Juliet Travers Paintings

November 2021

Juliet Travers Paintings


In the countdown to Christmas, Juliet Travers will once again be auctioning off her original watercolours and raising money for ACE SMA.

Following the huge success of last year’s Christmas countdown, which saw Juliet paint and sell an original watercolour for the first 12 days of December, Juliet will once again be putting paint brush to paper. This time however, she will be commissioned by the children who are directly affected by SMA, who will be putting in their requests for their favourite animal to be painted by Juliet, who is a graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art.

Juliet Travers for ACE SMA bidding will take place every night from the 19 November – 1 December online at Auction-27700

Bids start at £100, with all proceeds going direct to ACE SMA.

Location: 2021
Date: 19th November 2021
Duration: 24 Days
Type: Open
Entrants: Unlimited